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Zombie Island

Zombie Island

Release Date:  2011/10
Publisher:  6 Waves
Developer:  6 Waves
Genre:  Social Game

Zombie Island is something like a deck of cards that is made up of both ace and ass pieces. It remains to see whether its good cards can make remedy for the bad ones, finally making the game a passable at least. After a few hours’ play in it, I’d like to say that the game developers do succeed in playing a few beautiful hands with it before the dead-end.


Zombie Island opens with the story about a zombie harboring the wish to become a human with only one step before the dream comes true. Brief but intriguing, the back story simply stops there, leaving you in suspension wondering what’s happened next so as to lure you into gameplay. Clever move, doesn’t it? And with no more narration, tutorial-like training kicks off right away, displaying how zombies work and live in the island.

Training turns out short and clear: just clicking where the leading arrow points to, you know without effort the essence of the core gameplay from the two simple exemplary activities, that is, cutting stone and growing plants.

In the very beginning, you are given one stoneminer, one woodcutter and two cooks (all are zombies of course) to work for you. To summon them out of the tomb to work, you need to get each one a Brain, either from burying friends or via buying from the Market (meaning the shop). And different zombie workers take on their own activities: stoneminers clear rock piles to get stone, woodcutters hack trees to collect wood, and cooks make dishes if recipes are unlocked. As you level up, another three working types known as treasure hunter, brigade and guard will be unlocked as well at certain level.

Only if you provide what’s required to activate your zombie workers, all of them can be sent to tend their own business simultaneously. There is no other restrictions such as energy bar or health point etc. to force upon the gameplay a halt midway. That is not to say the game proceeds in fast pace. In fact, the workers are inefficient and collection time is long. And during hours’ play, I began to realize that all the animation, such as the repetitive walking back and forth after several strokes on rocks or trees designed in it, is simply a layer of wool pulled over your eyes, covering for the irritating duration.

Animation is fully designed in some aspects, such as at summon zombies crawling out the tomb and dressing themselves behind a curtain and while off duty the two cooks up-and-down in the see-saw, stoneminer rocking on a wooden horse, woodcutter couching in an armchair reading a book. All these are depicted with effort; yet it strikes me as misplaced effort. Just look at the tree or the stone pile that is hacked: it remains as it always is there, not diminishing at all. Instead of being cleared away finally, trees and stones stay.

The lack of animation is not even the key point in fact; rather another question incurred should be figured out first. The majority of the entire interface is covered by those trees and stone piles (of all sizes and shapes, indicating different amounts of potential yield) to hack for resources, leaving not much vacant space for you to dig beds to grow plants and set up the various buildings. mind you, both planting and building(which will be discussed in the following) play no less important role in the game, if put mildly. Since the tree and rock stays, collectable without limit, what is the point of cramming the island with so many that most of them will not even be touched for once but only be a waste of space?

While your workers are busy, the zombie avatar representing you in the game is not idle either, for the work of storing resources, growing plants and building constructions is all left to your own hands.

Growing plants takes a few steps: select an empty patch to plow it, buy seeds from market and sow them on the beds, and then wait for them to ripen and harvest. A few quick clicks will do. But don’t be glad too early, for the ripening time is as long as the planting phase is short. Browsing the plant list, I helplessly found that the among all 26 types of plants, Clover (the most basic in the lowest level) takes even one hour to mature while the rarest flora needs one whole day. Since plants are indispensable to unlock recipes, without them the cook simply can not make dishes, which are in turn necessary materials in the construction part.

11 types of building are available in the market, but locked to certain levels. These buildings are for creating specific items using resources collected and stored before, such as Mill in Lv 9 to make cement and boards, Zombie Box to produce fertilizer for plants, and Lighthouse to create red paint, cables and buckets, just to name a few. If you want to unlock them before you reach the required level, the only way is to pay for Zombucks, in-game premium currency purchased for facebook credits or real money. In fact, you will finally have to pay to unlock, otherwise you are stuck in low-level. I know that as early as when building the first building, a Crypt used to create green paint and tubes.

Building structures also requires going through several stages, three for the lowest leveled Crypt. Each stage demands several specific items, including both basic resources and advanced materials created out in certain buildings. While wood, stones and coins can be easily got, the required board at Stage 2 and the metal and cement at Stage 3 (available if you have unlocked the Lv 9Mill) can only be bought (if you can’t get them from friends) for Zombucks. Please remember, it’s your first building.

The high yet indirect demand on money in fact also makes sense the existence of that many useless trees and rocks: limited space calls for Expansion, which can only be bought too. Two modes of expansion are on offer, e.g. Behind the Fence and Mountain Top, quite accurately matching the spread of the more spacious open field, open only to paid-players.

Finally I’d like to mention some lesser parts, some good and others bad.

Zombie Island is almost centered on the Market where seeds, buildings, worker zombies and decorations, etc are provided in rich variety to support the core gameplay. And the in-game graphics are also artistically pleasing to eyes, with trees and rocks (although in irrationally great number) depicted with different shades and zombies with adorable and funny looks. Yet the interface occurs to me sort-of out of balance: for the icons and bars on top and below are oversized even to block a large part of the map and sometimes the animation of in-game avatars. Also, Opps signaling connection error pops up a little bit too frequent, requiring restart of the game.

228 Comments on Zombie Island


  1. blueplain says:

    Actually you can gain zombucks from leveling up, you start off with some zombucks and you can get zombucks from the daily bonuses. Without energy this is what stops you from completing the game in a day. So everything can be secured without purchasing a single thing. And i notice a dock at the top hinting at future content. I agree that some bits are repetertive but thats seems to be what most these social games seem to deliver.

  2. SMASH says:

    The trees and rocks do go away. While they stay stagnant while being mined, they reveal a treasure chest once all bundles of wood or rocks are mined/cut.
    how is it that I can invite friends? I keep clicking on invite friend, choosing the friends, but nothing happens.
    The quests require to give things you make to your friends, but I can't give anything away!?!?!

  3. Yu Ka says:

    zombieisland – Help, Manual, Reference for on-line facebook game Zombie Island

  4. Allie says:

    big question how do you make cement??? it does not tell me how to make it please help 🙂

  5. Nikole says:

    Where is the mill, How do you get it up and running?

  6. sandra says:

    how can i request friends to play that arent on my fb friends list? i need players. i keep requesting for my friends to play with me and know one accepted. im getting frustrated. also how do i collect toys on one of my missions?

  7. jdoob says:

    Ive been playing for a couple weeks, and now the adobe plugin crashes the game. Any fixes? thanks

  8. Kat Pixie says:

    Adobe keeps crashing for me too. And just when I finally reached a full 5 day bonus for the first time since I just barely started this game. GRR on Adobe crashe!!!!!!

  9. Kat Pixie says:

    I've just checked my sisters account and she has no problem getting into the game. However I've been in a never ending ADOBE CRASH purgatory and haven't been allowed in at all. :((((

  10. Kat Pixie says:

    I was finally able to get into my game, but only after the 5 day bonus had expired. My sister is now having the same problem I had. She's at the 5 day bonus too and can't get it to load so she can recieve the said rewards/bonuses. Sighs and grrrs. Is this all Coincidence? : /

  11. TINA says:


  12. sam says:

    is there a way of makin the choppin faster plz help

  13. Bert says:

    how to get shroomy tequila?? i want it. pls reply ASAP

  14. Jack Handy says:

    Almost to level 20 here… fun game! It can get daunting at times though. The tasks are difficult to achieve if you don't have enough friends join, my family & I just created dummy facebook accounts to get around this problem. Make playing a lot more fluid. All I can recommend is be patient & try to have fun with it. It's a free game after all. Good luck out there…

  15. tom says:

    what happens when you run out of trees to cut and rocks to mine, im level 11 and im almost out

  16. krkryptwalker says:

    if you are not at the level to open the seed then keep treasure hunting on your friends islands by turning in collections you get extra plants for ingredients and potions not to mention quick experience points and extra coin. Best of luck to ya.

  17. shannon says:

    they need to make it so that at least have like be able to have 10 brains without disappearing 🙁 cuz brain is hard to come by even if u get it in the daily its still hard to get more unless you pay for it..and dont want to do that..

  18. binxie says:

    I bought credits to apply to the game as I was initially enjoying but once I added my first neighbour I can no longer log on get error 'cannot connec to facebook server'. Tried deleting my new neighbour in case it was something there that cause the problem, but still no resolution. Emailed the help link two days ago but no response. Very frustrating.

  19. dory says:

    I cant seem to clear my land it is making me mad lol

  20. myriam says:

    ik wil buren aub

  21. Carlitros says:

    I dont like that we have little space to store stuff, now I cant mine or cut woods cause I have too many, sure I sold a lot, but then again the same problem, but how can I be sure what am i gonna need later on? if i sell rocks now and I need them later, im screwed, so thats the bad thing, what can i sell.. even plants and shit, they also need to be used later on, I did sell 50 fences a quest asked me for 50k total, just to have a latter quest asking me for those same 50 to put in yard again, but i already sold em, so fuck i had to spend another 50k to re buy em grrr

  22. Melissa says:

    What is the Weather vane for?

  23. Annalisa says:

    Excuse me. I have a problem: i can't play because the game doesn't open. Can you help me?Are there any problem? How can i do to solve the problem?Thank you

  24. Elvie says:

    I can't either….would love to know the answer to this if anyone knows?

  25. radka says:

    having the same problem here…the game won't load :s I cleared my cache, reinstalled web browser and rebooted the comp and still it wont work!

  26. blacky says:

    Very cool game, but if may suggest that it would be useful to trade zombucks too. We can trade and give gifts, collections, harvest and lots of stuff, i give my friend something that he needs, he gives me back later what i need.

    It would be good to trade zombucks, for example, i have few zombucks and my friend doesn't have any and he need to rent brains, so i give him 1 or 2 zombucks, and later he gives me when i need it. it would help a lot if we could help each others in that way 🙂

  27. asha says:

    i want to delete some neighbours, but how?




    asha me too, i want to delete some neighbours from zombie island game, i've delete them from facebook account bu they still present on the game!! that's idiot from game developper ZI to don't let us delete neighbours!! suckkksss

  30. Rachel says:

    I have a question. how do you get friendship gifts? Please help.

  31. rachel says:

    also. how do you accept to be at someones table for two

  32. helen says:

    my cars dont drop suit cases now! 🙁

  33. Robyn says:

    I like the concept of this game, but it takes waaaay to long to level up and advance in game play. I only have one neighbor, so game play time is about 2-3 minutes per day, when I wish it would be longer. Then maybe I would recommend it to more friends.

  34. robin hood says:


  35. may says:

    please can somebody help me??? the game not open from 4 days every times said to me << oops connection error please restart the game>> , I use firefox but have the same problem??

  36. John Elton says:

    How we can remove neighbours froms the game ? please

  37. Bryan says:

    Why you dont tell us how delete some suckss neighbours who still our treasure and never send us gifts!??

  38. Mandy says:

    To remove friends you will see a bar near the bottom right side of the screen above the shovel. Click on the one right above the shovel called friend management and you can delete them from there

  39. sharpie says:

    how do i make or get cement without a chapple?

  40. Bryan says:


  41. Andrew says:

    Deck hand Quest…. I added a new p[layer and no deck hand gift… How does this work? ANyone able to help me out here?

  42. micky says:

    I would suggest that we could trade coins for zombuck and zombucks for coins. That would speed up things a bit

  43. mary says:

    I unlocked the pier to go to love island but now can't get back to zombie island help!!!!!!!!!!!! please answer this

  44. AngelitaRivera says:

    I love the game but also have problems ,ever since I got the hand Deck the game won't load. And I help all my friends ,but now I can't play. I have two pc's I use one and my son uses the other I'm on lvel 35 myson is on level 26 , he doesn't have any problems yet. Can someone tell me what can i do.
    Thank you

  45. porscha says:

    Add me Porscha Kanellis, when u do tell me its for zombie island, i will gift daily

  46. AngelitaRivera says:

    Then again you post your complaints and ask for help , But the game deveopers don't reply .I have sent money to advance in the game and now I can't play anymore. I really don't know what to do.

  47. Porscha says:

    remove the app and then allow it again, it will still work and not lose your stuff, it will just reset it

  48. Elljay says:

    I haven't been able to see my friends on the game in days! So, I can't dig for treasure and I can't give gifts. Can someone please post up a link or something I can use to find a way to sort it out??? It's gotta be some kinda game glitch….

  49. Elljay says:

    Hey Thnx Porscha – That totally worked. I can see my friends again! Wohoo!

  50. cherikim says:

    Will you all be my game buddies (facebook)? I have 1 neighbor who isn't really playing and nowhere on facebook to find interested parties. Here is the best I've come up with so far.

  51. fubar says:

    anyone stuck on the deck hand quest? i cant give gifts, i get this all the time "An error occurred with Zombie Island. Please try later" , the sad part is it takes my gifts off me too an it wont register on the quest…

  52. Andrew says:

    Collections. Is there a list somewhere for the different collection items, and where you can dig them up from? I seem to get a lot of Egyptian ones from the pyramid (as you'd expect) but where are the toys?

  53. mark says:

    how the hell do you send gifts for the deck hand task???? i have sent gifts from the icon on the side, and gifts from my storage, neither have worked, any ideas??

  54. Annieareyouokay says:

    I'm having problems getting neighbor requests to work. I've sent and received them, but they aren't being added onto my neighbors. Any ideas?

  55. susie says:

    my question is what do you have to do to become a human??

  56. KAlena says:

    Anyone what to be my zombie neighbour just friend request me Kalena mallon and say Zombie island I play daily and gift daily.

  57. Deborah Walker says:

    I find the game enjoyable. I can't seem to add friends. I have managed to add a few but it does not seem to be adding most. I would gladly send your deckhands back if you want to play. I need friends on this game. Where does one complain about a glitch on this game? Thanks for the info on how to get off of Love Island. I was stuck there myself. I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually. Do you have to be facebook friends to be neighbors?

  58. didi says:

    Denis Hohšteter. add as friend

  59. AngelitaRivera says:

    what dors 502 bad gareway means?

  60. Neris says:

    Angelita Rivera : When I have this message, I just retry later and it works.

  61. joyce ewing says:

    Help, I need friends for Zombie Island. thanks joyce jle1952@yahoo.com

  62. ninslayer says:

    i have a har time connecting to the game, it happened when they uploaded the snow like 2 days ago. i tried another account and it works fine. mine just stop loading a little bit before the end or when loading completely say connection with facebook server lost. any ideas ?

  63. Makenna says:

    So whenever I try to open my island the bar doesn't fully load 🙁 It's been like this for a couple days now and the only help I got from Facebook was to remove the app and then re-download it again. If I do this, will all of my work on the game be lost? Anyone know how to fix this, help please :((

  64. Makenna says:

    ^^^^^ just realized I'm having the same problem as everyone else:( but a couple of my friends can still access their islands

  65. jim says:

    What gifts do i need to give for the deck hand quest?

  66. LaDonna says:

    i have some things that look like bombs in my junk yard and when i installed it it got rid of a bunch of trees and stone but i don't know how i got them. Does anybody know?

  67. Jordann says:


  68. Margo Schamel says:

    How to I get the ring and the my love to get the changeling-where does it come from? other neighbors or in trteasures-I added it to my wishlist please explain how this is finish

  69. Chuck says:

    still wondering what the gift is for the deckhand gift you are suppose to give, anyone have confirmation yet?… its a picture of hypnolilly, but i'm still a ways away from being able to produce hypnolilly…

  70. Patty says:

    I am having problems finding friends to play with. How do you find people that will play this game with you? Thanks if you can help me find so more friends!

  71. Jordan says:

    add me as a friend for Zombie island… http://www.facebook.com/Jordan.Doyle.1989. just send me a message saying you play. thanks, i just started playing last night. im now pregnant, and i think this is going to be my time passer

  72. Loverfelt says:

    is there a more comprehensive list of what all the tasks require? the tasks are pretty vague sometimes. example, the deck hand task. it says to send 2 gifts, but what are the gifts supposed to be? i added a new friend just to do this task, but nothing i send them is counting? another example, the stranger task. it says bury a friend who has become a rabbit, but how do you become a rabbit? and how do you know if your neighbor has done that?

  73. Jacquelyn A. says:

    I need to complete the "shopping" task to get my cupid statue. What am I shopping for? i'm stuck on quests that need to be completed befor eI can acquire other stuff. I'm going crazy!!!

  74. Gramps says:

    Ok i have some magic wands but cant seem to figure out what they do exactly?Help please

  75. Abdala Gobuta says:

    how i complete the quest deck hand?

  76. John Krokidis says:

    i am searching for friends in zombie island, if anyone wants to become my friend in the game he can send a request in the profile John Krokidis ,which has for profile image one scene from manga. thanks for your time !!!!

  77. AngelitaRivera says:

    Hi, after you have finished all your tasks and quests what do you do to prevent boredom???

  78. bjarko says:

    what do do when You finished cutting all the trees and stones??

  79. JAMES)I)KNOW)ALL) says:


  80. rae says:

    how do you get the elephant to go to find treasure?

  81. LdyDisdain says:

    I'm finally on the "love island," but now I can't get back to the "home island!" I clicked the building tab to go back & nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

  82. sebagofire26 says:

    how do i complete the "deck hand" task?? what are the two gifts you need to give??

  83. kathryn says:

    It says in the faqs that as I level up, there is more brains. I'm at level 8 and I still only have 3 brains???????

  84. paulie says:

    how do you get the captain????

  85. Cymoril says:

    I have finally created zombium and become human. I look the same though! it just says human at top of the screen and totld me i can create brains independantly, but nothing has happened!! Does anyone know what is all about .. really peed off cos it took me ages to make the zombium!

  86. John Krokidis says:

    we made a brand new group on facebook for zombie island friends , there the trades are easy and we help each other , if you are interesting to join simply join !!!!! here is the link : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517684061#!/groups/192665107498900/

    Zombie Island Alliance ( Z.I.A )

  87. Alison says:

    Sorry my bad English translator used the’m from Brazil … Help me I add my friends who have the App only they do not appear in the game it happens can help me? Thank you ..

  88. Gramps says:

    hey guys what island is the shuttle on to get to large fir tree?

  89. JoJo says:

    A friend quit Zombie Island, is there a way to take them off the friends bar?

  90. Rosalyn says:

    I happen to know that a friend is playing Zombie Island, too. But I can't seem to find a way to make her my neighbor. I've invited her to play and she's accepted the invitation, and I've sent her gifts, but she does not show up as a neighbor so I can visit her island and dig for treasure. What's the trick?

  91. Karen says:

    Could someone please tell me where I can find out how to use the magic wands, snowballs, bangs & rabbit roger? How do I use these items & what do they do?

  92. peggymarton says:

    I am playing and love the game. It is a good alternate to castleville, but I need neighbors. peggymarton@aol.com.

  93. Sugarfoot says:

    what is the point of the satelite looking thing on lunar island?

  94. Leo says:

    how do you delete stuff! i have like 10 woodcutters how do i get rid if them

  95. Derek says:

    How do you give gifts for the deckhand mission? I give gifts all the time but I'm confused on this one.

  96. Abbie Hunt says:

    HI I need neighbors on the fb app. I play every day and cant get anywhere without gifts sent lol Please help I am level 30 and need help . Thank you soo much On Fb I am Abbie hunt-barker

  97. cole says:

    help on deckhand qwest why when i give ppl free gifts and gifts out of my storage is it not working for the qwest?

  98. Ines says:

    can somebody tell me how to open the quest shopping for the cupid, please…

  99. andreas says:

    every day is still only just what is there connection errors

  100. Quinn Strickett says:

    in need of friends who play & will give gifts daily?…
    True zombie island fan in new zealand, please add me as a friend as i dont have many. I'm level 37 & have many gifts to give daily, find me as Quinn Strickett on FB & please msg with friend request.

  101. Darth Ghranna says:

    Ok I did the 'up' quest but it still says I have not. It has been a few weeks now, and I can not move on to finish the balloon series of quests help me!

  102. Ashley says:

    okay so i finally got to love island but i was wondering how i get back to the main one. please help

  103. pantera says:

    I recently got the spinx but I dont get the riddle to gain the nut… any help?

  104. Ritika says:

    Can i get Halloween set items buy digging or not and if yes then just need to know where to dig??????????????????
    plzzzzzzzzz help

  105. lEE says:

    How to get a board :L

  106. plume says:

    bonjour celà fait longtemp qu'il y a pas eu de mises à jours pourquoi???? on s'ennuis

  107. amateur says:

    i cant see menus…only half of it???? please help…

  108. Smokahontas says:

    Can you start over?

  109. ประภาพรรณ says:

    มีปัญหา คือ ตอนนี้ฉันไม่สามารถเข้าเกมได้เลย มีวิธีแก้ไหมค่ะ ขอความช่วยหลือหน่อยค่ะ

  110. Yvonne says:

    Where do you get the nut?

  111. Pam says:

    I bought rabbits ears but they did not register on the task or show up on my zombie any ideas

  112. jason says:

    how do you solve riddle of sphinx gaining the nut

  113. cody says:

    What is the bewitch wand for on zombie island

  114. mostafaa says:

    where can i dug soap from my friend island which
    things ?

  115. Julie says:

    Wish this game could be bought cause its great its downfall is that you need to rely on friends to play it too and they dont seem to want to ughhhhhhhh

  116. ErickaStarr says:

    How do you build the fences and roads??

  117. ann says:

    where is the cheat

  118. shawna says:

    crap I did the deckhand thing wrog I think. I added anew player, sentthem MY deckhand. dangit. as for neighbors, go to the fanpage, theres TONS of people that play daily and give tons of giftsthat want t be added just make sure once they accept ur fb request that u also add them to the game, and wal! I have like 30 friends now and got em in like 2 days 🙂 as for things u need, when u gift someon, theres a spot to commnt so ask for what u need, also make sure to keep ur wishlist updated

  119. shawna cooper says:

    what are the magic wands for?

  120. shawna cooper says:

    what are the magic wands for and how do u use them

  121. atena says:

    good day
    you know some trick to zombie island with the program cheat engine?

  122. Bren Creegan says:

    If anybody needs help, I belong to an awesome help group called ZI Safe Sailors and Help Group. I would never have gotten past level 9 without them… Maybe I shouldn’t advertise that last part, lol!

  123. bernie says:

    How do you solve the pharaoh's riddle?

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