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Zombie Lane Review

Sara Lau
Feb 22,2012  02:02 by

Zombie Lane is a zombie-themed survival game with rich content. Although your house is always surrounded with wave after wave of zombies wandering or threatening to break your fence, the game is not designed to be a non-stop series of rescuing and surviving. Instead, a regular participating in recreational social events and daily housework like gardening, farming, house-mending is interwoven as the reason to kill the according zombies. For example, besides the daily harassment to your life, they sometimes get clustered in your way to an important event; sometimes they cage your pet and most of time, they must die because they have what you need for convenient use. Because the zombies in ZL used to be human workers from different professions (infected with virus), and the items they dropped may include housework tools, construction materials and so on.

Zombies in this game are not fatal, at least not before they break your fence. To be sieged by them means being bitten by a grub worm, no harm to your energy. At least earlier comers are like this, giving you enough time to make yourself stronger and informed. Be prepared that the battle against zombies is an extensive process. Take your time and enjoy the game!

The energy I mentioned above is really something to concern. You run out of it unconsciously with building, cleaning or killing, and it takes 4 minutes to get one of them, 100 minutes to restore to the full value: 25 energy. You use one “shovel”(simplest weapon) hit to kill a one-damage weak zombie, one rifle hit(2-damage) to kill a 2-damage zombie and what about the 10-damage zombies or more? There are assembled weapons (called crafted weapons in the game) to deal with supersize ones. Here comes the counterbalance problem between the growing zombies( both growing in individual size and population) and the weapon support from military scientists and policemen NPCs. Jerry lee, an NPC scientist, impressed me with his sentry gun, which takes three of my friends to activate it. I didn’t see it shooting fire until I tried to move it to a target. I clear my land of all 4-damage zombies with the mobile sentry-gun and unfortunately, they grow from the earth again.

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I have to say, this is a lovely-looking game. Besides the delicious fruits hanging from plants, the dress in shop to customize yourself, and the dialogues between wife and husband, It’s also nice to see zombie wearing different working clothing and drop useful items. However, the economic mechanic of the game is a bigger influence on people’s gaming mood. So more example, the game lets me buy an apple tree for 800 coins, and sell the full-grown tree at 180 coins. What? And, 800 coins for a 10-ammo hunting rifle, 1 ammo to hit a clown zombie, and 2 coins’ reward for a hit. It means I spend 800 coins to harvest 20 coins plus some experience points. Ohm, yeah, the accumulated experience and achievement is what really matters. They determine when to level up and level up means energy refill. The key to play the game, rather than to be forbidden again and again by the game, is to level up before exhausted.

Well, you can ”hire” more friends for help ,one friend 2 actions per day, one gift-sending chances per day. You can also stick to better weapons until no coins left. And the game is not too cruel. A certain dose of friend interaction and a proper amount of have-to-pay moment makes me go through the game quite steadily, just at present. It seems that the weapon system and dressing system are obviously weakened compared to the collection system. It’s a pleasing surprise from Zombie Lane to let people trade each collection (when 5 items in one profession are all collected) for 150 coins. And it will be a better one if there are more weapons or energy packs available with coins.

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