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Zombie Town

Zombie Town

Release Date:  May, 2012
Developer:  Plinga
Genre:  Building

Zombie Town is a new Facebook simulation game that enables players to construct and manage a zombie town where they can build structures of distinct functions, including the Country shop, snack bar, markets, barns, storages, post office, police station and party place. In the game, players have several beds to plant angry marrow, Zombie pumpkin, Apple tree, and other stuff in order to harvest brains.


Buildings offer profits at different intervals. Once you’ve collect coins from one structure, you must supply it with brains. And with the coins you can click the large Build icon at the bottom to purchase facilities and items in the store, or even hold beer party at the party place.

You’ve got only 12 energy points at the start and are going to spend one in every collection and each step of construction. A “buy” button appears below the energy bar when you have only three energy points. Whatever, you can easily run out of energy and be forced to engage yourself otherwise.

Unfortunately, unlike in common social games, stamina issue is not the only devastating element in Zombie Town. After reaching level 4, I was quested with constructing the post office and police office, each of which demands extra stuffs that I will never have access to unless I resort to friends or pay actual money. The police station requires indicator for the police car and some other items while the post office needs three workers. The limited Flocks (which is the most precious game currency in this game) that I obtained from the get-go are not enough to cover both expenses. Even if I am done with the construction of police station, I have to wait for a whole day to collect from it so as to complete the concerned quest. It really surprises me that a simulation game like this could become unplayable at level 4. The only thing I can do at present is to plant crops, harvest brains, supply buildings, and most of the time, wait for the energy refill of course.

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It’s like I am not disappointed enough in other social games and Zombie Town is here to drop the last straw. Though bearing a special connection between simulation game and the undead, Zombie town is not something worthy of your attention on any account.

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