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Zombies Online

Zombies Online

Release Date:  2011

Zombies Online (previously Gunshine) is a 3D MMORPG presented in 45 degree isometric view. The game features a familiar shooter experience with a grand synchronous gaming world, which is barely seen before in browser based game.
Typically, all selectable classes within almost every MMORPG can be mainly divided into three main categories: tanks, healers and DPS’ers. Of course, Zombies Online is not an exception. There are three character classes available to choose from: Boyguard, Doctors and Hunters.

Speaking of game graphics, they just defied my expectations. The game presentation doesn’t look all that great. Because of the game engine limitation, everything shown in the game is made in low poly count mesh, which reminded me of those old 3D games I used to play back to last century. So, just don’t expect too much: All the mobs look exactly the same thing and don’t expect to see any stunning visual violence like limb broken or blood splash.

There have been a lot of plot-driven conversations and information floating around this game and players need to talk to many NPCs to trigger them. Interacting with environment is as easy as you might think: just left-click on the desired targets. They either give you tasks or rewards if you have fulfilled mission criteria. Likewise, these can be also distinguished through the exclamation marks or question marks above their head. Attacking enemies is also simple and also features the single-button simplicity. If character is using a gun, he/she will move into the maximum range of the weapon and begin to shoot at the enemy automatically until the enemy dies.

Zombies Online’s crafting system is also very simplistic at its core. You do not necessarily have to find a certain item-crafting NPC; instead, pressing a hotkey can bring up the crafting menu, where you are presented with a list of items can be crafted. Each item gives you a list of ingredients required to make it. Item crafting costs time and it takes up an item crafting queue. Just like what you have experienced in a strategy game, if you have one item already in the queue but you still need to craft the second, you can either use premium currency to instantly skip crafting or unlock the second crafting queue.

Joining instanced battle as a group is the essential part of this game. On the upper left side of the game interface, you can access the “Boss Finder” system. You can select a boss which is available to you at your current level. After that, game will automatically search for existing idle players who are waiting for the same mission to start. When the party is full, you will be teleported to boss location. Each boss in the instance has its own exclusive random drops, so you can fight a certain boss repeatedly for your desired item. The loot system of the game was originally used by World of Warcraft and should be familiar to every MMORPG gamer: Player who is lucky enough to win the dice roll can claim the boss drop.

Taking down the bosses through teamwork is most fun and really needs some important strategies. For example, boss will always focus its attack on the nearest player. So, with this basic Aggro System, anyone who wants to fill the tank role just needs to run close to boss and distract it; meanwhile, somebody else backs out and the rest DPS’ers pour damages onto the boss as quick as possible. Additionally, consumable item also plays an important role in the boss fight. A timely use of medic kit can even turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Overall, Zombies Online provides players a very vast and in-depth gaming world, which can rarely be experienced in such kind of browser games before. If you don’t care too much about the graphics, you can give it a shot.

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  1. niyas says:

    ya its good game ihave all five chars in this game,two are above 30 lvls its a coooool game

  2. Hmmm says:

    I cant even start the game :/

  3. niyas says:

    the game shutdown

  4. Yey Matos says:


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