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Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft
Genre:  Shooter

Zombiewood is fast-paced dual-stick action shooter with cartoonish characters and crisp and sharp visuals that are inspired by Hollywood hits.


Duel-stick shooter is one of most popular gaming genres, especially when it sets its theme with a combination of zombies and HollyWood-inspired scenes. Moreover,  Zombiewood is surprisingly done with an attention to details and delicacy that make it better than Gun Bros 2, Armed Beast and other standard dual-stick shooter titles.

Controls of Zombiewood are as simple as you use the left virtual stick to move your character and right stick to fire. Most of the times, you just press and hold the two buttons to auto-shoot hordes of zombies, and sometimes, you need to tap other buttons to refill your health or to activate some power-ups. To some extent, the controls make you an efficient cleaner no matter in survival mode or campaign mode.

The game itself is split into a few Movies and each of them has a couple of scenes. Single player campaign requires you to complete scenes in the given time and once you have completed one of scenes in a Movie, you can get rewards such as XP and Coin. Each scene has five reels that you can collect. collect reels to unlock new movies, the hidden reels are located inside destructive objects within a scene.  While the most exciting part in ZombieWood should be a credit to the power-up effects, which could boost your character’s movement, attack range and power. Specifically, when you obtain a new special item, this may give you a surprise when you deal with zombies. It could wreck a wide range of zombies around your character, but such power-up items could only be active for a certain period of time, something like 5 seconds.

Meeting the requirement in a mission plays an important role in firing. If you do not follow the game’s instruction arrow to clear zombies, you will have the problem to deal with zombies wave by wave. While If you go with the mission requirement, you can easily to acquire the Power-up and meet the mission object, and eventually to level up your character  and to unlock new items in the store.

Like all GameLoft’s free to play games, ZombieWood also offers an ingame store where players can purchase weapons, armor, power-ups and special items that make your character look different with destructive weapons and cool gear.

The weapons and equipment can be upgraded using Coin, but the upgraded weapon is still less powerful than the advanced weapons that should be directly purchased using Cash.

In a word, Zombiewood adds a few twists to dual stick shooters with gorgeous power-up effects and movie scene features. It is a real eye-popper!

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  1. papersmart says:

    This is probably the best page for video games for every electronic device. Zombie land is my favorite game and I have read the whole review about this game. The theme of this game is very entertaining that make me play this game.

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