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Release Date:  2011/09
Developer:  Eastside Games
Genre:  Indie, Arcade, Action

Once a year, all top ranking zombini trainers on the Zombini Land attend the Z Land National Championship, competing for the Most Excellent Zombini Trainer Prize. However, this year, a tragic disaster hits these hilarious creatures. As a result, King Zombini and his army force are all swept out by the invading forces. Then, you are to shoulder the responsibility to lead the remaining zombinis to protect their land from evil powers.


Zombinis is a pretty cute and light-hearted game on Google Plus, although its figures are all designed to be zombie-like. Playing the role of a zombini trainer, you will be required to choose your zombini from three categories: White Skork standing for the air, Grazzy Grizzle for the land, and Purple Zoctopot for the Sea. Name your zombini and place it in your army, then, you are on your way to become the most outstanding master and zombini trainer!

You will be challenged in various battlefields, battling against enemies of different factions. There is a map on the right top, guiding your to the quests required. In the preliminary period, you will first march into the ordinary battlefields, where Kroton Soldiers are hindering on your way. By defeating them, you can achieve awards such as coins and brains. However, once your zombini get hurt, you‘d better search in the local graveyard for some fresh body parts and repair it in the Army Barrack.

There are also battlefields in Broonland and Grizzle Forest, where you can enlarge your squad by capturing more zombinis, and more settings are to be unlocked along your progression. All in all, good luck, zombini trainer!


Zombinis is a creative game, also a favorable name for the recruited zombies in the game. They serve you by repeatedly assembling and disassembling their body parts. They lose their eyes, arms, legs and brains when harmed by enemy and regenerate these parts over time. Isn’t it more of violation to your merciful eyes than bleeding or scarring?

The only building you need to buy and build is coffin, without which you can’t form a usable zombini even with the four parts already completely collected. And the items to collect is not for healing, equipping, eating or for other supplies, but the very major body parts to assemble a pet that can factually fight for you. While those epic MMORPGs let you collect in all kinds of wildness, Zombinis also offers some place to collect and require a collecting level to get better things—the graveyard. What an awesome idea! I never thought I can be so cool! To poke around graveyard for detached corpse!

Of course timer is set for collecting, reproducing and energy replenishing. It’s not easy to gather four parts to form a zombini, but the spare parts can save you both cash (called Z-bucks) and time when a damaged or killed zombini is to reproduce such a part. The higher level your zombini is, the longer it takes to recover. Of course there is another influence to consider in time consumption as well as the odds-on for each turn in the battle. I mean the rarity of your warriors. The rarer it is, the more powerful it can be, and bigger power naturally means more demand in time.

As to battles, a simple rule is to be observed about the theme of your zombinies—land, sea and air. Air can penetrate land, land can overwhelm sea water and water, having both the fluidity of air and the weight of solid things, is strong relative to air. Well, I can’t be alone to wish I can retreat anytime if the battle is obviously hopeless. And I am granted the favor. A retreat before or amid the battle just means a waste of some energy, no loss of coins, XP nor any withdrawal of coins earned in the past turns. Coins are really worthy my care. They buy important things like coffin and graveyard. Maybe there is no unimportant things in this game.

Conditions to add into consideration sometimes make the game more interesting, because to save up something for a better utility can be as exciting as using it. I do this by saving my biggest warrior from being greatly hurt so as to give each battle a dependable leader. Since only an involved and survived participant of battles can get a chance to increase its XP, I switch the weakest ones whenever the battle can be handled by the leader alone. And it proves rewarding when the helped zombinie begins to fight effectively.

Dice is rolled for every turn, but the dice result is predicable and reasonable, as I mentioned above, according to the level, rarity and theme (race) of the chosen warrior. Fate and luck are determined by yourself while faintly influenced by some unknown roles. Dice makes the slow-down turn mode battle intensively tempting. When the three lovely dices come with the same figure, you can strip off 3 fourths of the enemy body. When they are different, the biggest is your point.

With no training or equipping back at home, how they grow lies in their participating in battles: whether to fight or retreat? With no training or equipping back at home, how they grow lies in fighting and retreating at the right time, more exactly, at the right turn.

It feels good that your choices play such decisive roles against all other factors, including the game itself. That’s why you take your breath to watch each dice result, each XP adding for level up and each collected part. It’s more management than adventure. You keep thinking and choosing during battles and adventure is not a virtue here.

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