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Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz

Release Date:  2010
Developer:  PopCap Games
Genre:  Social game

A squatted frog, able to spin in 360 degrees, is ejecting colored balls in a maniac rate at moving lines of balls in mottled color arrangement. With the rhythmic thudding sound, balls of the same color are matching together and then disappearing with certain points rising from them. Yet the moving line is ruthlessly proceeding towards the skull waiting with its devouring mouth wide-open. Outrun the time and blast all balls before they become sacrifice to the skull.

The scene depicted above is surely not new to whoever is familiar with Zuma. Rather than the paid console game, players now can get access to a free similar but better game in Facebook, that is, Zuma Blitz. Zuma Blitz is the latest product of Pop Cap, which preserves the core of the Zuma elements and also introduces in more power-ups and innovative features. Players need not pay a cent to enjoy the game, but at the meantime those who would like to deepen the gaming experience could choose to pay for additional boost with their Facebook credits.

As a casual game, Zuma Blitz is easy to learn and encouraging to improve at once. Although there are various designs of functions, players can acquaint with and pick up them without conscience during the process of gaming. Novice guidance being redundant, players can absorb all kinds of operation and skills in a self-taught manner in practice when they dedicate all their attention to shooting balls in high gear. As players level up in this game, they could gradually win mojos and idols, the two in-game currencies. Idols could be used for buying additional turns or mojos, which are in turn necessary for choosing power-ups. Speaking of power-ups, nine different types are available with more to come. Each serves a special boost. For instance, Cannon makes a triple shot possible; Fruit Master brings about more bonus fruit; and Speed Shot enables frog to shoot faster by 10%. Apart from series of power-ups, special bonuses of various types, such as multiplier balls, fruit and treasure chest, will also automatically appear in the game. Note that, the higher the level, the more the bonus.

So in Zuma Blitz, apply all your skillful strategies, be it gap shots or combos, and defeat your Facebook friends to rank top on the leaderboard.

It’s a great game and I’m totally addicted. Wish while the frog was on the lily pad it played music or at least made frog sounds. I love this game. But the pauses in the game is causing me to lose interest right now. I cannot even get enough speed up to get my inferno frog going because of the pause in the game.

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  1. I will visit your site regularly for some latest post. the zuma games are the best ever

  2. essayontime says:

    I have a good experience about ZOMA deluxe it was nice game version. But I did not play that game version yet. I will try that also. I am Sure it will be ne nice like last one. The developers of zoma are always created a good game.

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