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Zynga Bingo

Zynga Bingo

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga

Bingo was popularized in these old days and you really need good luck and good old-fashioned concentration to win. But now, things have changed drastically. The traditional bingo hall with paper and cards now is about to compete with electronic online bingo. Online bingo has come along, but is it OK? After all, it removes the need of concentration and the excitement of yelling BINGO at all. Since the release of the Zynga Bingo, the problem will no longer emerge. Zynga Bingo is such a social Bingo among the latest wave of bingo games. The social game behemoth Zymga (CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles) offers players new gameplay experiences with its polished version of the traditional game type, and moreover, there are many unique features.


As in those Facebook versions of classic games, Zynga Bingo obeys the standard rules. It consumes one “Ticket” for each bingo card, and players can purchase up to six bingo cards to play at the same time in game. Basically, in game lounge there are dozens of players playing with you in real time, each one daubs the numbers in the 25-square bingo card according to the numbers called by announcer; the one who gets five grid spaces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally will claim the 1st rank. And the second one who manages to finish a valid bingo pattern ranks 2nd. Once a certain number of players manage to achieve the bingo pattern, the game ends, and everyone collects their winning bonus. In the game, there are 30 possible winners.

The reason that the game is more addictive than its predecessor is because more variations and power-up items are magically added. Certain cells on each card will randomly yield either coin bonus or treasure crates, which can be opened with keys. Players can get keys as rewards for playing or can spend coins in item shops. Crates may contain bonus coins, power-ups, tickets.

Applying power-ups in bingo is also new to these sorts of casino games. A meter in the upper-right of the game screen charges whenever you mark a number that matches with the one called by announcer. Typically, it becomes full when you match three times. Then you hit the button and it will activate a random power-up in your inventory. They may create more cells that grant coins, free spaces, and a number of other useful effects.

The most pleasant thing while playing Zynga Bingo is that it bears much resemblance to a paper-based bingo. It actually has an announcer that reads off the number. What makes the game more brilliant is that, there are many theme-rooms available for playing, and players can unlock them as they earn experiences and level up. Each room has its unique rule to play according to. Also, each theme has a different announcer with regionally-appropriate accent

There are not very much flaws with .Zynga Bingo. The game runs smoothly without any lag or disconnection issue during beta test. It is annoying that you are not able to keep the same card to the next round like the real-world bingo, but being able to use multiple cards makes it much easier than the real one. The power-up system is a nice idea to add a bit of flair to such an old-fashioned game, and you should to keep track of the power-up meter, which would be pretty useful to help win the game. Overall, Zynga Bingo is an excellent option to enjoy traditional bingo on Facebook.

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  1. STELLA says:


  2. Judy Duckworth says:

    I am very tired of one, the tournaments, you do not get your cards, and are debited for them, I had a good run going and it started. I rebooted and same thing it happens in regular also, it lags, it freezes, you do not get your cards. I am tired of spending money here that gets wasted on a game that is not worth it. I will play out what i have and I am done.

  3. Rita Morelli says:

    What are you talking about the game lags so bad and has for a long long time. I thought it was my older desktop but i now have Dell's NEW XPS15 released in 2012 high speed, exchanged old modem for a faster mbps. and the game still LAGS, LAGS so badly one can't play and enjoy the game. The chat area is filled with negative comments regarding the lagging, even reloading page doesn't seem to help. And….what is the deal with ZYNGA still using the .

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